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Central Oregon Nurse Advocates
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Make better, more informed healthcare decisions now



Private Pay Nurse Advocacy 


  • Educate you on the details of your healthcare provider’s findings. 

  • Empower you to use that knowledge to make better, more informed decisions for yourself. 

  • Help you strategize how best to prepare yourself for your upcoming surgery. 

  • Re-enforce your healthcare providers medical and surgical discharge instructions. 

  • Are a resource to the family when a loved one is in the hospital.  

  • Can help with Advanced Directives; family members need to know your wishes.



To enhance your current understanding of the diagnosis' you have been given by your healthcare providers.  

To clarify understanding of your after surgery or medical homecare instructions, thus reducing the chances of complications or being re-hospitalized.


To get more out of your healthcare provider appointments by helping you formulate more relevant, organized, and informed questions.


To ensure that your plan of care and discharge instructions make sense and that follow up appointments are coordinated into your medical calendar. 


To coordinate care with your healthcare team so that you get the right care at the right time. 


To help find available resources to empower your next steps such as choosing the right healthcare providers, making your home safer for your condition, getting personal home assistance, or finding an assisted living community. 

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Local Registered Nurses

  • have a wealth of medical knowledge.

  • know how to navigate the local healthcare system.

  • experts in identifying and educating the learning needs of patients.

  • knowledgeable in medications, their side effects and following prescription orders correctly.

  • engage family conversations about your condition.

  • explain your condition in a way that makes sense to you and your family.

We are your personal nurse advocates


Eric Ottesen, founder of Central Oregon Nurse Advocates


I'm Eric and I live here in Bend with my beautiful family. 


I have been caring for patients and their families for over

20 years as a Registered Nurse in the specialties of Intensive Care, Emergency, Surgical Recovery Room, and served as a Paramedic in the ambulance prior to nursing. 

I understand crisis, hard family discussions, end of life planning, promoting independence, medical and surgical discharge instructions, care coordination and have a strong sense of resourcefulness to navigate the healthcare system.

Eric Ottesen and his beautiful family
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Are you sure you have the correct understanding of your medical conditions, prescription medications and homecare instructions?

~we can help
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What We Don't Do

We do not give medical advice or opinions

~We help you gain the knowledge to make better, more informed healthcare decisions for yourself

We do not provide healthcare

~We help you maximize and organize your healthcare resources so you can obtain the healthcare you need

We do not provide physical help

~We help you find the physical resources available to help you with your needs

We do not take medical insurance

~patient advocacy might be covered in the future, but for now it is not covered.  Advocacy helps inform and organize care  which can improve outcomes and lower healthcare costs 

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